Friday, December 23, 2016

I've had this settee for years and it's been sitting in the garage because I didn't like the fabric.  It wasn't a old tapestry fabric but some kind of cheap machine made stuff and in person the color was all wrong.  Today on a whim I decided to get some fabric samples to see if anything else would look good, and it was quite fun to try things out.

Obviously, the fabric has to be dog proof too.  As Fie Fie seems to be real smitten with my new fabric samples already.  He got into big trouble tonight, I cooked the last packet of beef and broccoli for the pups for dinner and then heard Fie Fie crying and Uggie was licking the last drop out of Fie Fie's bowl.  Evidently, Fie Fie had wondered off while he was suppose to be eating and Uggie ate his share of food.  Not wanting to have my precious pup go hungry for the night I scrambled some eggs and a bit more broccoli for Fie Fie to hold over, as I set the bowl down he got distracted again to check out where I was going, and Uggie almost got to eat the second batch of dinner I made for Fie Fie.  Such is the comedy played out every night at my house, I usually do a good job being the food police, but occasionally things slip through the cracks and I have a dog who's about to explode from over eating and another one starving.

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