Friday, February 19, 2010

a package arrived today with lovely vintage jewelry. I will be wearing the necklaces in the summer, and brooches will go with winter coats, so pretty.
I'm doing some major cleaning at home today to get ready for school next week.  As my day will become a little more structured, my brain is becoming functioning again.  I'm making other plans, such as things that I want to do this year,
1. trip to London and Paris.
2. save up for a place of my own.
3. practice piano everyday, finish piano recital, and learn some new program
4. go to concerts and opera more often
5. hike more often.
6. cook more often.
7. take photography class
7. at least read a book every month, ( I'm ashamed to admit that I hardly read at all last year)
8. knit a sweater.
9. learn to speak French
10. continue being a non-tv watcher.
11. throw away all my uncomfortable clothes, including high heel shoes.
12. buy no more handbag this year. ( I have enough to last me ten life time)

to be continued, when I can think of more... :)

1 comment:

  1. Lovely jewelry.. I relate to some points, I'd love to go to Paris and London this year, read more and cook more!


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