Wednesday, June 2, 2010

where did time go?

Today I got up early in the morning, walked kelly, showered, changed and ate breakfast at home, about 7:45 am I left the house for a morning latte and then stay at a coffee shop to read for my morning class. 9:40  til 11:40 AM I'm usually in class. Lunch was unusual today because I had another coffee with a lovely friend of mine before I took off for home while she stayed to study some more. Once I got home I checked my mails, on a good day I would get a pair of cute vintage shoes in a little package, unfortunately today was not one of those days.  I then play with Kelly and started practicing a little bit on the piano, and very soon my first piano student arrived so I began working til almost 7pm, then another long walk with puppy and I use that time to clear my head, a light dinner and five strawberry later, and oui, somehow, it was almost 9pm, oh my... I've still got homework and more practicing to do. For people that accomplish so much in life, how do you do it??

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