Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tonight I had dinner date with the you-know-who, no not my parents again, my boyfriend! We dined at Nick and Stef's in downtown L.A., and before our dinner arrived had a tour of their aged beef rack. It was truly a gruesome experience to see rows of raw animal body parts being processed and I also saw a live lobster killed right in front of my eyes, and that's when I ran, not walked, back to our table. Since I have not been following my vegan diet deligently I felt a bit pretentious to not order what was the specialty on the menu so I tried the steak, and I'd hate to say it, but it tasted really good:(

After dinner with the aid of wine I suggested that we explore the different parts of downtown L.A. and so we drove through some of the good and bad parts of it, and got lost a little bit in a deserted looking warehouse neighborhood. Some parts of downtown is so luxurious while other parts of it feels empty and eerie, I in a weird way loved those huge creepy abandoned buildings, I thought they'd make great photographs one day, but I was too afraid to step out of the car late at night on a empty street. It was as if the city was on a full force to becoming a cutting edge modern city but the momentum all of a sudden stopped, 30 years ago.  In this backdrop we told each other scary-hilarious stories of our bus riding days as students, mine back when I lived in Beijing and he's was back when he was a college student. So much fun!

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