Friday, March 18, 2011

Since we started our home buying process we've been to the new house several times already, after the initial dizziness about getting our hands on the property, I realized that there's practically no closet space in the house. There's one medium sized closet, but that's it, definitely not enough for the both of us. I might convert some garage space into a big closet, maybe.  Recently with my stress mounting I have not been exercising, and my stretch pole just sat there with nothing to do. It started out that I hung a few bags on one end when I was organizing my house, and a couple of days later there was several more bags on the other end, and last night I thought, well, what the heck, it will do as a clothing rack, so I hung coats and dresses on it. Sometimes, it's just nice to have your clothes and be able to see it too, usually they get smashed into my tiny closet and get lost or forgotten. Lesson learned? I DO HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR, so, no more shopping for me for a while, I'm getting married, maybe this is about time to grow up and be responsible and start save a little now...

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