Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yesterday was my first free day in weeks, it was nice to have time to cook for my dogs again, cleaned up the floors a bit and finally sent clothes to the dry cleaners! Now that my recital is over, we are in full force to work on the move. All afternoon my fiance and I had been packing his things into boxes, two is better than one when it comes to packing, and we got half his apartment packed up! We were tired by the end of it, and ran out to look at appliances for break time. Neither of us had anything, so we picked simple and basic things that looked easy enough to use without any complicated buttons, we still need a fridge though, that maybe for later!


For some reason I didn't feel like a salad after all the manual labor, since it was Tuesday I thought we could give it a try at boiling crab. We tried to get in on the weekends a couple of times but the wait made it impossible. On a regular Tuesday night, we still waited for about 40 minutes. It was quite a experience to eat there, you get a table covered in a piece of paper, no plates, no forks, and the waiter put a bib around your neck before they threw a bag of seafood dipped in sauce on your table. That little bag of shrimp was all I took picture of for the food. Right after that my hands and face were covered in hot sauce. It was good though, I liked the shrimp, but the crab? I think I make them better at home:)

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