Friday, January 27, 2012


Here I am still talking about my Christmas present. Among the many many gifts I received from my parents-in-laws this year, there was a gigantic box that sat out in my living room for several weeks all the way up til Christmas morning. Finally I got the chance to open it, and it turned out to be a incomplete miniature farm, modeled after his real farm house, crafted from scratch by my father-in-law.

Not only it was exquisitely crafted, it came with a tiny water pump that could turn into a small fountain at the back of the garden. There were farm animals, a bench with fishing rot by the lake, a little house, and a backyard to the little house with wooden fence, and of course a dog named Rudy and a oil lantern on the front porch.

It's one thing to go out and buy a gift, another to spend hours making one! I spent a long time deciding whether I should make it into a shade garden or a sun garden, finally yesterday I decided that since I could see it more often in the backyard than the front yard, I would make it a shade garden. The part I had to fill in was very easy, I added a gazebo, a gate, and plants. I might go back and change a few plants and add some patio furniture, but the over all layout is set. Fairy gardening is so much fun, have you ever been tempted to make one yourself?

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