The absolute god awful truth...

is that I got ANOTHER dog.

So far I've been called "crazy" by every single person I've ever met, and the ones that didn't down right call me crazy probably did that behind my back anyway. My father, who upon hearing that I adopted Alfie, declared that he's coming to the States to kill me and my two dogs, and when he discovers that I have not only got two but three dogs, he would probably try to kill me twice and then throw my ashes into outer space, but that's totally ok. In fact, I've been so stressed out living with three dogs in my house while trying to maintain it as a livable enveronment,  I am wondering myself why I got the third dog in the first place. But, we can get to that later.

As of now, things are slowly improving, and let's hope that I won't jinx myself just by saying it. Saturday after working all day I picked the wild dog up from the shelter. He was freshly castrated, in fact he still is, and he is extremly dirty. The first night he peed all over my house, while Kelly and Alfie looked at me like I've lost my mind bringing in an absolutely homeless dog.

For the past several days, I've been trying to house train him, internet is a huge help when it comes to dog training tips. Some people suggested to leash the dog with the owner everywhere in the house for a few days to keep it on a close watch, others suggested a dog crate, I opted for the crate and have been keeping him in there for short intervals of time from 1-2 hours to 3 hours today, and over night as well. I always thought it's cruel to crate a dog, but I was desperate and I had other things to do as well besides the feeding, cleaning, and walking all three pets. Today he only peed once inside our bedroom while he was allowed to roam free, which is a HUGE improvement. All in all, I have to say, this little guy is pretty smart. His hair is way too long, they drape down for almost 6 inches, and both of his eyes are completely covered by hair. Given that he's about 2 years old, I'm guessing he's never been groomed his whole life. I tried to cut off a heavily matted area on his chest, but he thought I was trying to cut him so I gave up. He still smells pretty bad, I can't wait to get him groomed by a groomer when his stitches heal!


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