Thursday, June 14, 2012

I could use a rest, I mean a real rest, no more non stop phone calls that last from 7am - 9 pm, no more prolonged driving with nausea and hives, no more emails that sits in my inbox when I'm too tired to read it, no more laundry to do, junk to move around, and maybe some good walk and light exercise.  But then again, you can always think that there are people in worse shoes in the world, such as this poor bird, he somehow lost a foot, so he's hopping on a leg without a foot, he (she?) starred a lot instead of moving often, and while I was on the beach he stayed not too far from me.  What is it to live as a bird in a world that's rapidly diminishing in natural habitats? I wish I could be free as a bird, but even the birds have it tough now a days.

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