Pictures of Carmel-by-the-sea. This week I took my dad for more sight-seeing in Northern-California. I'd prefer to have the whole family but my mom and husband both had to work, so we went by ourselves. The morning we had to leave, I suddenly had a bad out break of hives, call it stress related or hormonal in-balance, I was in total agony for the whole trip while driving hundreds of miles.  The scenery on the other hand was beautiful, and we had some pretty good food along the way!

There are lots of little inns very close to the beach, ours was literally a block away. My room had a fireplace, no tv, and beautiful antique furniture, perfect for me! I woke up the next morning and had breakfast in the lounge among other tourists, it was quite nice!

As soon as I got back home I ran into my husband back from walking Uggie,  he had been working at all hours, watering all my fairy gardens, taking care of all my dogs so the house was in even better shape than I left it, so what can I say? I've got the most giving hubby in the world and I love my family!

Now I can finally post my fairy garden pictures,

I found the bucket at a gift shop, the cashier was kind enough to drill a hole on the bottom of the bucket once she learned that I planned to use it as a plant container. I used two trees here, a pink Serissa, and a double white Serissa. I often use this combination of miniature trees in my fairy garden because I love the way they look together. It is also impossible to buy large sized serissa because nobody grow them around me, so I plan to keep them for years until they become a decent size!

Another example of a pink serissa ( right) and a double white serissa (left,) though the tree hasn't got any flowers on it yet!

The last one is a hedgehog house fairy garden. I can't remember the name of that pine looking tree, but the other one is a small cotoneaster.  I truly missed taking care of my garden while I was away, almost as much as my dogs, isn't that strange?  The fairy gardens are their own worlds, and who's to say fairies don't "really" visit those gardens:)


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