Sunday, June 10, 2012

I got up early in the morning and bought a huge load of grocery from Korean super market. This is the last weekend my father stays in the States, I decided to invite my parents to our house for some backyard BBQ. In the morning my husband cleaned the leaves off the backyard, I cleaned the water fountain, we dragged out our grill, dusted off a thick layer of leaves and dirt, and got our house ready. I cooked a Chinese salad dish, grilled some marinated beef, chicken, and fish, and opened a bottle of wine we got as a wedding gift. It was quite nice grilling and eating dinner in our backyard under the big maple tree! I've done some serious fancy meals in my house but not so much cooking for my parents, although they are picky eaters, they actually liked my cooking this time, which is rare! So, I know there are restaurants that can do all the work for you, but it's nothing like cooking and chilling at home with everyone relaxed and enjoying a home cooked meal, agreed?

The fairies are getting ready to enjoy their cakes too, the tree on the left is a azalea, can't wait til next Spring when it blooms. More fairy garden posts to come!

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