Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I have been real quiet for the last week, that's because we moved! I still find it kind of unreal, but it's true. We are back into our own house.

I somehow didn't take a picture of the mountains of boxes piled into every single room of our house, but my hubby and I worked non stop for the past several days putting things away. Here we are giving trailer trash a whole new meaning...

The stress of moving plus the noises of boxes and papers being shoved around was perhaps a bit much for my doggies. A couple nights ago Fie Fie and Uggie got into a big fight. Kelly ran for cover upstairs, while we tried to separate the boys into different rooms. I think Uggie stole some of Fie Fie's food. Uggie lost the fight, and for the rest of night and the next morning he moved slowly instead of being his usual chirpy self.

Other than that, the humans in the house are dealing with the move very well. We are all moved in except my piano, which comes in soon! It is good to be back home:)

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