Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When my husband and I first moved into the house, we did one round of painting inside the house. We took out some bloody red color in the bay window and painted a mint green accent wall, which is less neon than it seemed in the picture. However, that wooden pannel ceiling just wasn't cutting it for me, as every night I laid in bed, that wood paneled ceiling just seemed to close in on me!  As is common with older homes, our house has rather small sized bedroom, the built in closet and wood ceiling panels were more 80ish or 90ish products. All things that made the room appear even smaller than it already was. 

We decided to remove the wood panels and see where that takes us...

After the wood ceiling panels were removed, certain parts of plaster was damaged, we also discovered old water damage to the plaster.



and yuck!!

A view of our "beautiful" closet!

That sad thing is our old closet door!

Yikes! What have I done??

First thing first, doors are primed and painted white from wood color.

Here's a sneak peek of our old closet door molding. It was soon taken down, framed for two separate set of closet doors!

A real haunted room...

 Needless to say, the old plaster ceiling had to go. So off it went, and oops, I did it again:)

I wanted to have new closet doors installed, hence the notes of measurements on the door jamb. I called it the closet improvement growth chart.

There's a window INSIDE our closet. The closet wall was lined with dark fake wood panel, a blast from the past! The window probably was from back in the day when people didn't use built in closets, so this area was just part of the room. The old push up window mechanism still worked! Very cool! Of course we kept our good old window! The window itself was painted white, and we had molding installed around the window! The plaster inside the closet was completely redone. No more dark wood paneling, no more crumbly plaster, no more dark wood closet drawers, we had those painted white too!

Here's the AFTER picture! 

Another nice picture of all that beauty underneath:) See the light "coming from above?" Yep!

Here's a picture of our original door molding, just for the idea. That ac vent is off center, our contractor dropped a couple of crocodile tears and fixed it for us for free out of the goodness of his heart!

Then, things started happening slowly and surely!

And then, BOOM! We custom ordered two sets of bi-fold mirrored closet doors! After waiting around for months, they finally arrived!

In the meantime, I discovered this old 1920s light from Silver Fox Salvage from LA. It was a fantastic find! I spent three evening cleaning it up!

I started shopping for door knobs!

Here the air vent is finally centered, walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Nimbus, doors were painted white, and door molding and crown molding painted and installed!

A work in progress...

Inside the closet, everything in white.

We replaced the ugly ceiling fan that we never use with the antique light, complete with Edison light bulbs!

We are trying...

And Voila! All done! The mirrors helped to add an extra dimension to the room, making it appear somewhat bigger, and I chose the Nimbus color because it was a relaxing soft grey that accents the white trims in the room. The ceiling no longer appear to be closing in on me, plus I now have a pretty light to look at! Over all I'm happy with this bedroom make over.

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  1. Great Blog love it!!

    I run a ceiling restoration business in Perth, Western Australia, I've enjoyed reading your blog hope all is goes well with your home renovations in the future.


    Adam Willis



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