Saturday, February 14, 2015

Today was a throughly relaxing day, I didn't finish everything that I had to do around the house but gotten around to some of them made me feel a whole lot better. 

Kelly doesn't really play any kind of game like the boys too, but occasionally she gets excited when she finds this bear laying around the house, she would squeak in excitement and proudly show off her found treasure then jump into her bed with it. She does this once in a while and it was one of the cutest thing in the world, and the whole house knows whenever that happens the princess is in a really good mood!

My garden is starting to show signs of spring, I mean we never really had a winter here in Orange County. I always hope for a few decent weeks of cold weather, but it just never happens that way! Now we are mid way through February and the young green leaves are already coming out from my miniature trees.

And here is Mr. Uggie bathing in the sun! He watched me working in the backyard repotting plants and trimming overgrown fairy gardens, whenever I could spend time with my doggies at home I always feel like we all had good quality time!

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