One of my absolute pride and joy in my garden is this pot of pink geranium.  When I first moved into my house I discovered that the previous owner had left a pink geranium in the garden with various other plants.  When I realized how difficult it is to spot this flower in nurseries, I took two cuttings and planted them separately myself.  It took over three years for it to get this big, but luckily I did not kill it or the original plant!

The flowers look like miniature pink roses, which I think is so amazing!

Today while I was at my local nursery I found a few more exotic looking geraniums.  The flowers are way prettier than what my iphone camera could capture.

I think you can reliably count on geraniums to add a pop of color to your garden, they are hardy and not too picky.  The worst that could happen is with inadquate watering or sun light they would not bloom, but I have not manage to kill any yet!


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