Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ah, I loved this short little story, I suppose life can be simple sometimes if you want it to be?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love doing yoga, though I have been so bad at keeping it up lately. It was really nice to finally do it again tonight, it was good to feel the mat with my hands and feet and let out the tension that's been building up inside!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boyfriend and I made a trip to Disneyland this past Sunday to celebrate our first anniversary. The weather forecast said it was the hottest weekend of the year, and it was right! Our first stop after getting in Disneyland was to head to Club 33 for lunch, and who cares about dressing up in California, right? No, I actually saw people being turned away at the door for wearing flip flops! The restaurant was on the second floor and there was a flight of stairs, but I just had to take the French lift even though the lights were off so we stood in the dark, it was fun! Half way through our meal, Mickey mouse and Pluto showed up at the restaurant, the dog was kissing little girls and everybody got so excited to take pictures with them, um, yes I have pictures with Mickey mouse, and no I'm not posting them on here :) Pluto was wearing a large silver tag that says," If found, return to Mickey" How cute is that??
I know this sounds juvenile, but I was really looking forward to the tea cup ride and I also loved "It's a Small World," but not so much of Tomorrowland since I'm pretty much allergic to speed, height, and sudden drops in altitude.  All day I looked through the shops at the Mickey mouse and I just had to take one home after seeing one moving and walking around Club 33, you are never too old to play with stuffed animals right? I picked Minnie mouse, just because she has a red polka dot bow and dress, and her yellow pointy shoes have little heels on them!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

dinner at il Fornaio in Santa Monica.


I sat in a coffee shop to read this afternoon in Venice. Since this was a random idea I decided to explore the neighborhood after coffee, and when I smelt the ocean air I realized that I was just pretty much a few minutes from the beach.
It was a serene moment, I sat on the bench and did a little people watching.
I found so many interesting places today just looking around by myself, it was so exciting to walk without searching online first to see what's out there, because you can be surprised by what shows up next. I found a eccentric jewelry shop that I will be revisiting again, a Jewish center that seemed so peaceful but was right next to a neighbor shop that blew heavy metal music, and lots of arts and crafts!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Working from home too much makes me grumpy! Does anyone else ever feel like there are things missing in life but you can't quite pin down what it is? I have been thinking about doing a totally different type of job from music for a long time now, eh, not happening for the next few months though, as I've got to get a few unfinished things out of my hands first. Maybe it's the nature of people thinking grass is always greener on the other side, I'm really begin to feel like giving music lessons from home is not my true calling for the rest of life. Considering of having a full on career change from something you've grown so accustomed to is scary, kind of like facing a black hole and have no idea what's going to come out at the other end. But since I'm in my late 20's, if something is going to happen it will have to be pretty soon, isn't it?
 photos from here and here.

the speedy 25 and the noe, the two handbags I like in monogram.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My taste in reading gravitates toward women authors, or stories about women, reason being that is it's something easier for me to relate to.  One of my current favorite books is the Chanel biography by Axel Madsen, I don't want to write a book report on here but if I were to recommend a book for the moment then this is it.

It's always sunny here in California, but that isn't always a blessing!  It's actually been a miserable winter so far bei...