A Valentine and a make shift home...


When the radio station announced the traffic yesterday, they said that you were going to be late for your date, and they were right. Traffic was congested pretty much at every single major street and freeway.  Besides the crazy morning dropping off my boy doggies at boarding and getting the house ready for tenting, I spent most of my yesterday trying to recover from an excruciating back pain.  Anyhow, when my hubby showed up with flowers after being stuck in traffic for two hours, it was very nice to go out for a glass of wine and some yummy dinner to take me away from the grumpiness of the day.

I quite liked the restaurant we were at yesterday. Everything reflected the owner's good taste. It's got a decent wine selection, menu was carefully planned out, the music was beautiful and leaves room for conversation, there was even a love poem printed on the menu!
So this was our fourth Valentine's Day spent together. It sounded like such a long time yet it all went by in a flash! I'm lucky to have a husband who always tries to make Valentine's Day a memorable one!


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